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Another early morning, another sunny day. Today we were going to leave Jerusalem and not able to pack yesterday because of Purim, I set my alarm clock at 7 in the morning and let me tell you that it hurt a lot ... it seemed the zombie modus was back! This time however I came prepared and with a bit of pain relief, I was more than ready to tackle my dreadful task ahead.

It must have been a little after 8 AM when I arrived at the breakfast area feeling quite hungry and I guess this had everything to do with the alcohol last night, but with all the choices in front of me, this wasn't going to be a problem.

About an hour later we left the big city behind us and were on our way towards Jaffa, where we arrived at 10 AM, it seemed we made good time, but I guess that's because there was no traffic at all, or not so much anyway ... in Belgium you would be driving from one traffic jam to another, but here it was smooth sailing so to speak!


Upon our arrival we had a bit of free time to have a cup of coffee or just to relax, and as the sun was shining and the old town overlooked the Mediterranean Sea in all its splendor, this was the ideal place to end a holiday. The vibe coming from this place was nothing but good and half an hour later Michel, who dressed up like a modern day Napoleon, guided our group through town. Never in the back of my mind did I know that the little guy sailed all the way towards the Promised Land and I must admit, it was quite fun to hear his "adventures" back in the day through the wonderful words of our crazy guide!

Jaffa really is an artistic town with little but, very expensive galleries, small cobbled stones, amazing views ... to be honest, it has it all. I do understand why the artist Uri Geller settled in this town. Who could blame him, it sounds like paradise!


As we walked all the way to the harbor of Jaffa, we met up with the children of Michel, who wanted to spend a day with their dad. This was so nice that they were immediately welcomed into the group and as we left the old town behind, we were on our way to Tel Aviv around noon.

This afternoon we were going to have some free time on our hands and while most of the group where trying to seek their way to the modern city and the shopping malls, me and a few others decided to go for a walk alongside the beach. Although it was quite chilly, it was nice to go on a walk and taking the boulevard, we walked all the way back to Jaffa where we had a visit to the flea market and the clock tower as well.


Walking back towards Tel Aviv, a few clouds appeared and while I thought it was chilly going one way, it was freezing cold when we walked back to the city. I was glad to see the our meeting point again and with still a bit of fee time on our hands, we had a quick peek at the Carmel market.

I must admit that I love going to a local market and the Carmel Market didn't disappoint at all. It truly is a nice market to walk around with not only fruits, veggies, meats and sweets, but you can also find your daily goods like any market here in Belgium. It is nice to see this coz in our country it is slowly disappearing because of the shopping malls and supermarkets, but here you can find it all.

Exactly at 5 PM we were back to meet up with the rest of the group and were on our way towards Netanya, our homebase for tonight.

As we were driving towards our beach destination, we've been told by Michel that we had to leave the country within 48 hours. Of course we knew the situation with the virus became more worse and worse every day because of the news from the home front, but that it was that bad, we had no idea.
It seemed that the Israeli government got scared of all the foreigners bringing the virus into the country and they were going to close all the borders after 48 hours.

Things really got serious and we noticed this when we arrived at the hotel which we had completely for ourselves. The staff were no-where to be found and the keys were handed out by our guide. Luckily we did get some food for our hungry stomachs, but the staff wanted us out of the dining area by 10 PM.

Because we couldn't sit in a group of more than 4 persons, there was nothing fun to do at the end of this day and we just said goodnight to each other about half an hour later.

For the first time ever during this trip I was actually glad I was going home tomorrow and after a nice dip in the bath, I was more than ready to go to sleep while wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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Jaffa sounds lovely and I too enjoy a good market while travelling. And Michel sounds like a super guide! It's interesting to read about your experiences of travelling as the COVID-19 pandemic grew

by ToonSarah

Jaffa seems like an interesting place to visit. Just to let you know Uri Geller isn't an artist as such, but a bad magician!

by katieshevlin62

Jaffa is really a place to visit and to be honest. I don't know much about Uri Geller, I only know he bents spoons and that the Israeli people love him, they call him an artist, hence my words in my blog, but I don't have an opinion about the guy since I don't follow him. I do however think that he is smart enough to choose this little town as a place to stay coz it is very, very beautiful! :D

by Ils1976

and yes sarah, Michel was a super guide. I hope to see him again when I travel back to Israel ... one day that is! :)

by Ils1976

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